‚ÄčAny fight, dispute, or conflict can be solved by mediation.  In mediation, all parties to a conflict meet face to face with a neutral mediator.  The mediator facilitates a conversation between the parties about whatever issues the parties would like to discuss.  Everything said at mediation is completely confidential, meaning that neither party may use what the other party says in court, and the mediator cannot be called to testify.  


Mediation is completely voluntary for all parties, and the parties have complete control over what to put in the agreement that they reach, if they reach an agreement.  We believe that agreements reached through mediation are more successful and longer lasting than orders handed down by a judge or an administrative hearing officer because the parties write their own agreements on their own terms.  

New Justice Services, Inc. offers the following types of mediation to anyone living in Onondaga, Oswego, or Cortland Counties: 

Custody/Visitation Mediation

Community Mediation

Family Mediation

Specialized Services