Thinking For a Change

Thinking for a Change (T4C) is a Cognitive Behavioral Training program designed by the National Institute for Corrections. This innovative and integrated curriculum is designed to help individuals in both the juvenile and adult justice systems to learning the behavioral and cognitive skills necessary to successfully and productively solve problems. The 25-module curriculum is broken into 3 distinct parts:

  1. Social Skills: Teaching behaviors and skills to use in situations that deal with other people (i.e. active listening, asking questions, giving feedback, knowing feelings)
  2. Cognitive Self-Change: Paying attention to thoughts and feelings that go inside of us so that we can actively avoid negative thoughts and feels that lead to poor decisions (i.e. recognizing risk, using new thinking)
  3. Problem Solving: Skills that help us make better choices (i.e. making plans, evaluating actions, stopping and thinking about our actions)

The program aims to decrease recidivism through changing the mindset of the participants and having them recognizing the behaviors that lead them to trouble. Through a collaborative effort with the Onondaga County Probation Department, Child and Family Services, and New Justice Services, T4C is being offered to both youth and adult groups currently under the supervision of the probation department. Successful graduation from the program is incentivized with a reduction in time under supervision.

The class meets twice weekly for 13 weeks. If you are interested, contact your probation officer or contact the group leader at 315-471-4676.