Elder Transitions Mediation



Elder Transitions is a mediation program designed to support collaboration, reduce stress, and preserve or repair relationships among elders, their adult children, and community members.


Elder Transitions mediation can help with conflicts that arise involving:


Financial Management . . .

  • estate planning
  • inheritance/survivor disputes
  • sale of valuable assets (such as the family home)
  • transfer of family-owned businesses

Living Arrangements . . .

  • long term care
  • landlord/tenant issues
  • conflict with neighbors/roommates  
  • conflict with residential facilities

And  . . .

  • health care
  • end-of-life planning
  • communication
  • autonomy (driving, for example)
  • grand-parenting issues
  • death of spouse
  • divorce and subsequent relationships
  • consumer conflicts
  • employment disputes

Elder Transitions uses flexible dispute resolution approaches that support the distinctive circumstances of older adults.


Elder Transitions mediation sessions are guided by Executive Director John McCullough.

John McCullough has been a NYS-certified Mediation Skills Trainer since 1981 and Executive Director of New Justice Services since 1983.  McCullough received his graduate training through the interdisciplinary Social Science Program at the Maxwell School at Syracuse University, where he focused on Violence, Group Conflict and Change, and Third Party Interventions.  He has mediated hundreds of cases of all types, involving people from all walks of life and every element of our Central New York community.  The NYS Dispute Resolution Association honored McCullough with its Lawrence Cooke Peace Innovator Award in 2012.


Elder Transitions mediation services are affordable. For more information or to schedule an elder transitions mediation session, call 315-471-4676.