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Established in 1981, New Justice Conflict Resolution Services is dedicated to the constructive resolution of interpersonal and small group conflicts. The agency seeks to accomplish this mission through the design and delivery of intervention and prevention programming in three Central New York counties -- Onondaga, Oswego and Cortland.
New Justice Services offers mediation, arbitration, and process facilitation services as avenues of dispute settlement. Due to its contracts with the NYS Unified Court System, New Justice Services is empowered to intervene in an extensive array of situations and conflicts in the region’s civil, criminal, and family courts. New Justice Services provides a state certified mediation skills training program to its paid and volunteer staff under the auspices of the NYS Community Dispute Resolution Centers Program. 


Since 1984, New Justice Services has offered skills training programs throughout Central New York to schools, government, and private citizens.

In 2016, New Justice Services developed a new program, "Elder Transitions," to provide mediation services tailored to the region's growing population of older adults.


Through its prevention services, New Justice Services provides a wide range of educational and training programs for youth and adults. These programs have included character education, interpersonal and pro-social programs for staff and students at all grade levels, in-school mediation training, school safety and comprehensive conflict resolution school programming, and parenting workshops. New Justice Services currently provides social-emotional learning to at-risk youth through the Office of Student Support Services in the Syracuse City School District. Since 2014, the agency has conducted impartial student disciplinary hearings for the Syracuse City School District. 


New Justice Services has provided pro-social skills to at-risk youth in collaboration with the Onondaga County Probation Department for 20 years. Currently, the agency operates Thinking For a Change, a 10-week skills building program offered to youth ages 13-16 who are currently under the supervision of the probation department.  

New Justice Services has received funding from the Unified Court System of the State of New York since it was founded in 1981. Currently, the agency is also funded by the Syracuse City School District and the Onondaga County Department of Social Services.

In 2018, New Justice Services has eleven staff members and an annual operating budget of $760,687.  


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Funded by:

New York State Unified Court System, Office of Alternative Dispute Resolution


New York State Fifth Judicial District 


New York State Sixth Judicial District


Onondaga County Department of Social Services


Syracuse City School District