Community Mediation

What is Community Mediation? 
Community mediation is an alternative for individuals in conflict. It is an intervention technique which helps participants reach mutually satisfying agreement resolving their differences. 

What happens at mediation? 
Each person has an opportunity to explain his/her side of the conflict without interruption. Both sides discuss the areas of disagreement and explore possible solutions. With the help of a mediator, they then decide which solutions best meet their needs. 

After both sides have agreed to a solution, the mediator will write the agreement, which the parties may sign. Each person receives a copy of the agreement. 

What types of issues can mediation help resolve?

  • Contract Disputes
  • Consumer/Merchant Disputes
  • Landlord/Tenant Issues
  • Neighbor Problems
  • Employment or Business Related Disputes
  • Minor Criminal Matters (if referred by a judge)
  • Property Disputes

Why mediate disputes? 

  • It takes less time
  • It settles disputes privately
  • It does not fix blame
  • The parties use their own language in the agreement


How do I open a case? 
Parties may be referred by courts, attorneys, police, agencies, or may contact New Justice Services directly. The party or referral source should call and explain the problem and provide contact information for any other parties involved. New Justice Services will contact the other parties and explain the mediation process. 
If the parties agree to participate in mediation, New Justice Services will schedule a session and notify the parties. These sessions can generally be scheduled at your convenience. 
To open a case, contact the office in your county: 
Onondaga: (315) 471-4676 
Oswego: (315) 343-8370 
Cortland: (315) 886-2805