Conflict Coaching

Conflict Coaching is a “one-to-one” interaction between a Conflict Resolution Specialist and an individual who is seeking to gain a better understanding of a dispute and who wishes to map out an approach to manage it.

Here at New Justice, we designed our first interpersonal training program titled “Conflict Awareness Workshop” so that individuals could gain an understanding of the dynamics of conflict and the skills required to manage them productively.

Conflict Coaching is NOT therapy based. It focuses on communication techniques and interaction strategies that a participant in a conflict may use to reach a specific goal in the dispute.

A New Justice Conflict Resolution Specialist can help you identify the dynamics of your conflict and assist in matching the potential outcomes of the dispute with the conflict style with which you are most compatible.

Any Conflict has two dimensions that impact those who are involved:

There is an Internal Component of Feelings, Perceptions, Assumptions and Values that guide and potentially confuse the issues at hand; and there is an External dynamic of the specific Issues involved and the Relationship (both formal and informal) between the disputants. A Conflict Resolution Specialist can help sort out which of these factors are at work within your conflict and how you can best account for these factors as you work through your conflict.